Saturday, December 16, 2006

Much ado about nothin

Well, there's not a whole lot to tell, but let's see what I have...

O.K.... I have been soooooooooo lazy with this whole Christmas thing (read: I stilllll haven't completed the Christmas tree decorating...hell, we JUST put it up LAST NIGHT!LOL) I told my husband that by the time we get it together it will be time to take this monstrosity --- 7 1/2 ft. tree--- down.

We went to a local mall today (Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi) in hopes of having the little one's picture taken with Santa. O.K. why was the Santa SKINNY as hell and the chair he was sitting in made HIM look like an Elf??? Top that off with the fact that there were 6,001 people in line and I was HOTTER-N-HELL in the sweater that I had on, and you have a "hell naw we didn't take narry a picture!". and I thought that the set-up was ugly In comparison to the set-up at another local mall (Somerset). The thing about Somerset is that it is the 'ritzy' mall and though it is my ABSOLUTE favorite mall, to take picture with Santa it costs $30 freaking dollars!!! And you only get 6 pictures (4 x 6's I believe). Maaaan.... Can I just take a picture my DAMN self and get them developed????? I am SHO'LL gon ask!!! Because this is REDICULOUS!!! I can take JUST as nice a picture as them folkscan! HHMPH!!

Well, we'll see. My husband also gave me another option because the building where he works (the one where I used to work before I was recently FIRED...has a FREE Santa picture station and you get one free Polaroid pic but you CAN also take your camera (I know this for sure!) and take your OWN pciture!! And their set-up is always nice. All I know is that I MUST do eomething because though my child has been through TWO Christmases,he has NEVER sat on Santa's lap..... I know, I know..... the first year I just didn't and then last year we were in Atlanta and there was so much to do before hand and the weekends kept coming and going and time got away from me..... so I VOWED that by hook or crook , he WILL have a picture with Santa this year! HEE HEE!

I also have pretty much finished my shopping for him as well. I just have to pick up a few things from to give to him in my m.i.l's name. She sent us some money to get him some presents from her, so I will go shopping this week.

Let's other news, me & my siblings have FINALLY found a buyer for my grandmother's 4-family!! I am sooooooooo relieved. Though I have to split it 3-ways with my siblings and because this place is in the TRUE hood and the property is in GREAT need of repair in every unit, the money we get ain't gon be alot, but it is better than NOTHING....ya know???? :-)

Also, in better news, it looks like we will get a BETTER interest rate on our house (that we are refinancing) than we thought! And it will be a fixed rate! It willbe higher than our rate now, but not as bad as the 8% that we thought we'd have to have!!! And it looks like I have managed to barely SQUEEEEEEZE by since I no longer have a job without the finance co. knowing!Hallelujah!!! Cause if this had happened after I was no longer getting paid and was REALLY terminated off the company's system...... Well..... we might have gotten a much WORSE rate because my income wouldn't have been factored in! Thank GOD for small miracles....I'll take any that I can GET right now! LOL

All these good things almost made me not feel like crap when I got my first "thanks but we decided to pursue someone who had more qualifications than you......thanks for your interest" letter..... (did I tell you that I don't take rejection very well?.......*sigh* really.....I am serious)


Happy holidays ya'll.....


Shai said...

Robyn, you are way ahead of me. I have not purchased a thing. Not that am buying much. I have money(unfortunately had to get part of my IRA) but I am being conservative as hell. LOL.

I am guilty, I never took my daughter to take Santa photos. Call me weird but I find it strange to sit my kid on the lap of some man who does not exist. LOL.

Tree? Oh damn! I got a big ol azz tree and it is in the attic. I hate shaping it and those damn freaking lights, shoulda got the prelit tree.

I am glad you got out. Don't stay holed up at home, it ain't good. Well it is almost 8 months and bunch of reject letters or no answers later no job. I pray you don't have to wait as long.

Yes, you have to find the joy in the day, whether it is saving money or having a nice cup of coffee/tea.

Check on my firecracker post on my blog. I tripped and let it go.

The Goddess said...

Hey girl! I am just now noticing the slide show on your page. Those are some great photos. If you took those you are pretty talented; I'm impressed. Sounds like things are going ok. Hope that you all have a wonderful holiday!

Robyn said...

Hey Goddess! Thanks hon! And yes I took those :-) I am hoping to get MUCH better than that though! I am pretty hard on myself, so I just think they're O.K. (I guess I compare them to the "real-big-time" photographers and what-not). But I am thankful that people seem to like what I have been able to do thusfar!

I hope that you and The God and your family have a GREAT holiday too! Post some Denver Pics!! (you know I like photos!LOL)

Shai said...

Robyn, you took those pics! Wow! Talented. Ever thought about it as a side job? I know I am working on my poetry book and submitting poetry to online and offline publications. I have won money for a poem and gotten featured on poetry sites(for free).

I have something big coming up and I will share it with others later.

I noticed the pics of your son Dylan had an angle and edge of an artist. Go girl! And quit beating yourself up. I am learning to LOVE what I produce and others do too.

Check out my poem featured on Noire magazine website at:

I know a shameless plug. Shoot, may need you in the far future for photographs. LOL.

Shai said...

Opps I am on page 26. LOL.

Anonymous said...

i love your professional photos...i wish i lived in your neck of the woods, i would have you do my family portrait. You really do awesome work...just breath-taking.

Robyn said...

@anon: You do not know how much I appreciate your comment! I would LOVE to do your family picture and wish you lived closer too! LOL Thanks again hon!