Saturday, December 09, 2006

I Love New York: It's not what ya think!

O.K. ya'll..... I don't know how many of you watched "Flavor of Love" and saw that stank-ass- CRAZYYYYYY-ASS contestant New York, but apparently SOME-DUMBASS-BODY has seen fit to give this truly mentally challenged braad a T.V. SHOW.....her OWN version of Flavor of Love

WTF?????????????? I mean, are there men out there that REALLY like the "crazypussy"???(ya'll know how men seem to LOVVVVVVVVE the crazy bitches and their crazy pussy!!!....) Apparently. But from the looks of it, some of THEIR asses are mentally challenged as well.

Has everybody in t.v. programming gone BANANA'S??????

(on the low I WILL be watching it ....hee hee....I can't help it...... the bullshit is just tooooooooooo good not to!)


Enjoy peoples!


Shai said...

I don't have cable and so I won't be watching. I don't watch much TV. TV Land has gone CRAZY! Anything for money. Funny but sad. Momz was a trip on the show though.

P.S. I hope you are feeling better. You really got your vent on in your last post and I feel ya. After being off work for 7 months, I feel ya girl.

Freaky Deaky said...

I wasn't too sure I was even going to watch it because of New York being the only eye candy on the show that's basically a sausage party. However after seeing that clip, I think I'm going to have to watch at least the first couple of shows.

I've heard that pregnant pussy and crazy pussy are two best kinds you can get. I wonder if that means crazy pregnant pussy is the be all and end all.

Call me crazy but New York can definitely get it seven ways to Sunday.

Robyn said...

LOl@ Freaky! crazy pregnant pussy! LOL HAAAAAA!!! HAAAAA!!!!

And there ya have it..... are proving my theory (along with many otha brotha's) that crazy pussy is attractive to a whole LOTTA men!! LOL

tooserious said... know I'ma be watching...

Yo, I'ma call you back. It's crazy how they be poppin' up on me at work now because they know that I'm leaving!

Tired of being broke said...

I did not even realize she had a show. Wow.

Luke Cage said...

I'm not familiar with the show, or the woman (I thought when you said New York, you were referring to my city) but you must have missed my post awhile back where I said there are some guys who love "crazy chicks!" There's someone for everyone I suppose luv...

The Goddess said...

Isn't it funny how annoying and ridiculous these shows are but we can't help but watch! I'm sure I'll be in front of the TV right along with you. LOL

thegod said...

Crazy Pussy? HA!

Yep...I had a heaping plate full of it in the past. A crazy bitch brings excitement into your life until you realize you can't control how crazy it gets.

I hate them dumb ass shows.