Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh Mr. Richards.........

I really hate to have to post about this bullshit, but I will anyway. I CAN believe that in this, the day of the "insidious racist" that Kramer said what he said. If you haven't seen it, see it here

So, this fool goes on Letterman to say that he basically has NOOOOO idea about why he said what he said and that the "rage and anger" just "fired out of me". Yeah, O.K. jackass.......

See the Letterman clip right here

But for me....the kicker is that MOST people feel that took a poll feel that his apology is enough. Let's talk about this. In reality, I suppose that the apology HAS.TO.BE enough. Follow me now..... what else should he do? He already sounded like a FUCKIN BUFFOON babbling on and on and digressing and rambling (since he didn't know WHAT THE FUCK to say.....dosn't he have a publicist that coulda scripted something BETTER than THAT???). He shoulda just apologized and been done instead of rambling and making himself sound WORSE and LESS credible than he already WAS, because the TRUTH is what people really seek and ya'll ain't NEVER gon hear that!!! LOL That and an answer as to WHY he said it. But does it really change anything to know WHY? No. Cause you'll NEVER hear him say "Well, the truth is that I really don't like blacks and I really DO consider them to be niggers. DO you think THAT truth will ever come "firing out" of him???

But anyway.... what? He should do community service? He should do jail time? Should he should apologize to children in schools? Should he should go to prisons and apologize? He should be forced to go to labor camp? No. If that's the case I should do community service or jail time for my belief that most white folks get over on black folks on an EVERYDAY basis. **shrug**.

No, none of that matters. Because his BELIEF is what matters. WHY is there some "hate", why is there some "rage" that was even there to come out????? And then he throws the all-encompassing apologetic "I am not a racist.....I don't even know WHERE it came from". That's like me birthing a litter of puppies and saying..... I din't fuck no dogs..... whereDID they come from???????

Again........Whatever jackass. So, I suppose in reality an apology HAS to be enough because you and I BOTH knowe that we will NOT change the BASIS of those comments. So, just apologize Kramer and donm't be surprised if yo ass get's NO love from a whole bunch a people.

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The Goddess said...

Wooooo! Look at me being the first. YEAY!

You are so right, you said:

So, I suppose in reality an apology HAS to be enough because you and I BOTH know that we will NOT change the BASIS of those comments.

He made his comments, and there is no taking it back. I don't feel his apology was sincere, the only thing he is sorry about is the fact that his comments will now and probably forever affect his finances. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it. No amount of money, apologies or any anything else is going to change the fact that he is an IGNORANT ASS RACIST and a F'ING IDIOT!!!!

Robyn said...

Hey Goddess!!! GIRL! You feel me! I agree.... he is in NO.WAY.SORRY.... that's why he was BABBLING on and on and on like he was souding all disconnected and frustrated. Then gon say "The rage and hate was directed at everyone in the room..."

All he needed to say was :
"I am terribly sorry....this was inexcusable and I am sorry for those I offended and for those who had to be witness to my ignorance.... again, I am sorry and it will never happen again".

Boom! Done....( I shoulda written his ass an on-air apology to read) because all that rambling on and getting into the Katrina victims (Katrina???????? Yo dumb ass RACISTR comments had NOTHING to do wit no Katrina! You are RAM.BLING cause you can't think of how to FIX.THIS.SHIT....well, Mr. Racist...there IS no fixing it! NONE)

Maaan....please go somewhere and lay low like O.J. did....until people calm down. That's ALL his dumb ass can do! There is NO fixing it and there will be NO getting this outta people's (black people especially) minds! EVER. Forget about it! I will ALWAYS.REMEMBER.THIS.SHIT.

Ya know?

Knockout Zed said...

I'm his only cheerleader. Hooray Michael Richards. We need a reminder every now and then (Michigan Prop 2, anyone?) of what white people think of us.

Neva eva forget. I don't want US to go around justifying it and saying that's just some of them, because it's a hell of a lot more of them than the eye can see.


Robyn said...

In two words Zed:

I agree.

Shai said...

My thing is they reamed Mel Gibson for his anti-Semetic remarks. Yet, they feel Mr. Richards is a good guy because he apologized.

For that type of rage to spew out meant the roots were deep and grew over years. Not some seeds that spit out of his mouth. If you can feel my analogy.

That was some built up shit. I mean who would mention lynching and a forks up someone's butt. Yuck, what a disgusting blowup. And say I don't know why I said it. Cause muthafucka you are a racist bastard.


TooSerious said...

I'm kind of sick of hearing about this. But the thing about it is that there isn't anythign that he can say or do. It's one of those things where you can't take it back or make it better.

He basically was I discount him for it is still sad and something that we now see that we wo'nt overcome. There were NO Black people on Seinfield for a reason...

TheGod said...

I also did a post about this the other day. My perception on it is this...There ain't a damn thing that can be done about his release of racist gestures.

I agree with Zed. Negroes walk around this muthafucka like white folks love them and to hear some shit like this happen they get all shocked and shit because they wanna snuggle up on white folks. Niggas know they say racist shit too when they get pissed off. I don't excuse ol boy for those comments because he is an entertainer his ass should have better control. I don't condone it, but I can understand it.

His ass is ruined oh made your bed now sleep.

Robyn said...

@The God: I agree with you and Zed.....but I DO think that because Seinfeld's BIGGGEST supporter's ain't NEVA been black people (we were dots in the cream ANYWAY....) he will do fine! there will be some "fight the power/slay the injustices" white folk who will never support him, but the masses? Naw..... venues will stilllllllll boook him and he will stillllllllll make money. But I do agree that his ass SHOULD have known better and whatever prompted him to go off, I bet won't prompt him to do it ever again!

Nina MM said...

You probably already know how I feel about this. I'm not mad at this devil for sayin' what he really thought. I'm mad that so many black folk been watchin' that nappy-headed, hook-nose bum for years on Seinfeld reruns. I never did think his Has-Been Avenue livin' ass was funny.

Now if he really wanted to be gully, he would have said FUCK BLACK AMERICA, I ain't sayin' sorry for shit!

But he didn't.

Punk ass. LMAO

Luke Cage said...

LOL@ nina_mm! Truer words have never been spoken. I feel that he was just being honest and a very good comeback after the fallout would've been, "yeahh, that's right. I called them the *n*word, and I friggin' meant it. So take that!" That's how he should've gone out. Not like that new born pup he turned into after cowering to the pressure... dumb azz

nikki said...

lol@nina. i'm with you. tell the truth and be through with it.