Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Why do folks come to work with their I.D. badges ALREADY on when they pull into the parking lot, looking all gay and HAPPY to be at work, like it’s SUCH a badge of honor?

Why do old women put on CAKES of makeup in hopes of looking YOUNGER and it only succeeds in making them look OLD and DEAD?

Why do people get in front of you on the freeway , in the fast lane, and then go SLOWER?

Why won’t this jackass call me back who supposedly wants to buy my grandmama’s house? Has he re-nigga-fied on me?

Why aren’t there enough hours in the DAY to do ALL that I want to do?

Why hadn’t I ever heard about “Inflammatory Breast Cancer” until YESTERDAY when I got an e-mail on it with a news video attached to it? AND that African American’s have a higher instance of it than other races?? If you have never heard of it either, go --> here

Why has my son started to think that mommy/daddy’s bed is where HE is supposed to sleep too??? (naw….. I don’t like children sleeping with me….even my own…..I gets NO sleep that way….. and this shall end) LOL

Why was Spike Lee’s “When the Levee’s Broke Pt.1 & 2”, his requiem about Hurricane Katrina that aired last night, a sad but true depiction in the OWN residents words, so upsetting to me STILL?

Why is my birthday this Sunday and I don’t even care?

Why does my son’s laugh ALWAYS make me laugh? LOL

Why do people wear inappropriate underwear at an increasingly alarming rate?

Though I am taking more pictures now and people really like them, why do I still feel like I am still “playing photographer”?

We have 6 elevators in the immediate tower I work in, but why do people PILE onto one as if there aren’t FIVE FUCKING OTHER’S coming REAL soon? (and of course my stop is on the 20th of 21 floors……***sigh*** takes me 5 minutes just to get up the freakin elevator)

Why is my girl who is now living in Atlanta, just moved there with NO MONEY, NO JOB and AIN’T got a place to live (she and he man and her daughter and nephew were living in a fuckin motel), is 6 months pregnant, and her whole life seems to have crumbled before my eyes and she WON’T pull herself up and GET.IT.TOGETHER and there is nothing I can do about it.

Why do I want my Mom to move back here or just close by soooo bad and the chance of THAT is like a snowball’s chance for survival in hell.

Why do I leave work and begin the evening “rush”; come home, get the boy from daycare, and by the time we eat it’s STILL like 8:00 at the EARLIEST???? (just not enough time)


Carry on…….


Msnhim said...

I ask my self that last question all the time! LOL

Luke Cage said...

Heyyyy... I rock my work I.D. badge around my neck when I'm pulling into the parking lot, however I don't do the gay and HAPPY thing though. Just wanted you to be aware of that one. And what is up with that slowing down in the fast lane thing about anyway? -lol

chele said...

Why, indeed.

My kids' laughter cracks me up to.

Knockout Zed said...

She's in ATL? And she was better off not giving me the pussy because...?


Robyn said...

@KZ: Becaaaause... as fertile-n-fuckin as HER ass is, YOU'D be a dayum daddy by now... and we ALLLLL know that woulda ended with YA'LL being on COPS...... You know she ain't playin......

The Goddess said...

Ok, "re-nigga-fied" That is a new one to me and the funniest thing I've heard in a minute. Good one girl!

Me said...

Amen to the last question that is what I am up contemplating at 12 am -

Thanks for stopping by sis - dont be a stranger

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

The ID badges.... reminds me of the Civilians/Contractors on my base. They just LOOK like they make more than me. They look so dayum happy! I wish they'd stop.

Inappropriate panty draws? Tell me about it! I watched an usher at Church, with quick reflexes, pull down this young girls shirt. Lil' smurfy fass ass had a big onion, wearing hip huggers and a freaking thong!!

Don't we all have a g/f who can't seem to pull herself up by her boot straps? That's hard because we love 'em like family, but we gotta pull up because it's their battle, no matter how big a help we can be to them.

I feel you on the hours. My kids are back to "paper, rock, scissors" on what fast food restaurant I'm gonna hit on the way home. Between work, school meetings, and choir rehearsal, AND I didn't get to see my honey, a Sista was DONE!