Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tribe Vibe

Can I tell ya'll just how much I LOOOOOOVE Tribe Called Quest??? They are coming to this open air venue called Chene Park, here in Detroit on September 1 and myself and my husband plan to be in FULL EFFECT! My love for Quest drew from the experiences and the time in which I was experiencing them. I was in college and they were part of what folks called "The Native Tongue". Their style was unique and their beats were syncopated in just the right way so as to make you tap ya foot without you even realizing you were tapping. Their shit was unique, earthy, soulful and different. Along with groups such as Brand Nubian, De La Soul and the Jungle Brothers they changed the face of hip hop. Truly.

So, here I am with my boys Steve and Earl in NYC....we are making our rounds shopping in the Village, Soho,etc. and we head towards one of our favorite stores, Kenneth Cole. So,we go in and as Steve goes to look at some "mus-cle" shirts in the corner, Isaw this guy pass by me and my mind, in a delayed reaction said to myself "I think that was Ali Shaheed......". I look again and I am like I KNOW that is Ali Shaheed! Well, lawd if I didn't turn back around to my boy Earl and I look again in towards the door and I 'm like (in a whisper to Earl) "I think THAT is Q-tip!!!!!". I am nearly pulling Earl's jacket off his shoulder I am soo excited. Byt this time my boy Steve wanders back over and I am like "Steve! Is that Q-tip??? I think it is!!!". We look and look (not wanting to mistake someone for someone famous and they think us crazy)and finally are SURE that it is him.

Now, I have NEVER, and I do mean N.E.V.E.R. been a gay-ass (gay as in happy), groupie, fanatical-fan type of person.....well, not since Prince's Purple Rain Tour...... but that's another story. So, I was like Oh HELL NAW, he can NOT get out this store without ME taking a pic with him! Folks I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Tribe Called Quest!! There are MAYBE 3-5 songs that they have EVER made that I do not like! I used to like them soooo much in college people started calling me "Bonita Applebum". As a matter of fact my boy from college, who now lives DIRECTLY across the street from me, Rodney, started calling me that and sometimes still does!!!

So, here I am SCARED to approach this man because I LOVE his music. I was feeling like those giddy ass white chicks you see on t.v. going bananna's over an artist. Only difference my "little fanatical whit chick " was going off on the INSIDE.

So,I finally get up the nerve to ask him to take a picture with me . I walk up to him and say "Hi, You're Q-tip, right?" **smile, smile**. He smiles warmly and says "Yes, I am....how you doing?". I coulda fainted. I say, "I just wanted to tell you that I love your music **oh Robyn, you are sounding stuuuuuuupid, but fuck pride right now, you LOVE you some Tip** and I wanted to know **gulp** if you would take a picture with me.... **thank GOD I always have a camera with my ass!!**

He agreed and Voila:

I have never been so GEEKED in my LIFE. For real. With that said, I am ubbbbbberly excited to be going to this concert on September 1. I have never seen them in concert and it should be nice, cause in my book they damn near can't go wrong!!! See ya then Tip.


Msnhim said...

Nice shot!

Knockout Zed said...

Fuck Tip! Where's my pic at?

I'll be there on the 1st too! I haven't seen Quest since 1994 in Grand Rapids right before I graduated.


Single Ma said...

Cute picture! Back in the day, I used to think Q-tip was soooooo fiooone! LOL

Chubby Chocolate said...

EWWWWWW. I'm so jealous! So what!

Bonita Applebum came out the summer before I entered high school. I thought my school dances were going to be like the video when they were slow dancing...Such a dork! My favorite TCQ tune is Luck of Lucien. I have no idea why, but I love it. My favorite album is Midnight Marauders. CLASSIC!

The Goddess said...

Girl I feel you. I love them too! You got me wanting to pull out some Tribe now. Smile. You too TOO happy in that picture. I'm going to have to start keeping my camera with me now. Great pic!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

lol..that's pretty good...i was at a club in atlanta and saw your boy Sadat X...i actually bought him a drink...i wasn't trying to impress him but that was my boy...BRAND NUBIAN!!!!

Luke Cage said...

Very rarely does one run up into their idol and with a concert right around the corner too? What were the chances miss Robyn? You are in for a treat though. Ironically enough, my last rap concert I went to was with ATCQ back in '93 with Naughty by Nature, Nikki D & Apache. To say they tore it up would be a massive understatement. Nice pic too luv!

Robyn said...

@LC: Thanks for the compliment hon :-)**big ole smile** I actually took this picture some 7 years ago though :-) And needless to say, I.CANNOT.WAAAAAAAAAAIT to sese them!

@msn: Thanks!

@Zed: Yo pic was in the LAST post negro! LOL See ya there!

@SingleMa: Girrrl, I KNOW,I was actually about to pass out in this pic despite my cool exterior! LOL

@Chubby: HEEEY!! I missed u!! I will take pics for you (if they allow it) LOL

@The Goddess:I know, right??? I look all gay-n-happy! LOL Thanks for the luv hon!

@Sarc.: Brand Nubian was ALSO my shiz-nit....too bad they will not be there....

Shawn said...

What a nice pic!

I shall see you at the concert. Are you going both nights?

Organized Noise said...

Nice pic. Have fun at the concert. Damn shame, they are from New York, but I can't remember the last time they performed here.

Nina MM said...

Great pic, but GIRL...you know DAMN WELL TCQ didn't change no landscape of hip-hop! Don't get me started...you know I'on have that kind of time to be lightin' up your comment section with stink bombs! But you know better...! LMAO!

Knockout Zed said...

Style, content, essence. ATCQ and the Native Tongues in general created what is currently known as conscious hip hop. And to a greater extent MADE muthafuckin' MCs more lyrical by uppin' the bar!

Hip hop was without nuance and any humor or levity was at the expense of somebody else.

ATCQ created hip hop that was cool, sexy and arrogant. Just like ol' KZ.


Robyn said...

Indeed KZ.

Nina, you can't SERIOUSLY tell me that you believe that they COPIED someone else's style, rhythm OR Rhyme! De La, Monie Love, The Pharcyde, Black Sheep, Das Efx, Brand Nubian, Poor Righteous Techers, Black Moon, Arrested Development, Jungle Brothers, Leaders of the New School...... I could go on.... they were ALL UNIQUE and the FIRST of their particular "style " of Hip Hop.

ALL OF THEM were unique and DIFFERENT from other's before them! SO, they DID change the landscape of Hip Hop which spawned people like Common, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Black Star.....

There were none before them.

Soo..... how is it that you feel that they DID NOT change the face of hip hop (or contribute to it), because when I said that they changed the landscape I meant that they contributed to a totally different genre of Hip Hop....not that they single-handedly, by themselves , changed it. Just as Snoop, NWA, Digital Underground, Tupack, Dre, etc. had THEIR own sound and changed the landscape yet again with the Gangsta/West Coast rap...

I am with KZ STILL..... there were NONE before their "era"