Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Misc..... Tuesday

I have been pondering on many miscellaneous thoughts:

Why do women wear skirts that are sheer as shit with nothing to camouflage your ENTIRE ass? Didn't yo momma teach you betta?? Apparently not.

And WHYYYYYYYY did I see this little girl (looked to be about 10) in a WHITE sheeeer skirt and I could see EVERY.STICH.OF.HER.LITTLE.GIRL.DRAWS underneath. It was like she had on a piece of clear Saran Wrap or something. A pedophile woulda hadda FIELD DAY looking at her! A DAYUM shame...... But her momma looked a hotfire mess too..... so there ya go.....

Why is it that when my boss, her boy (might as well say “my other boss”) and wobbles are out, does she call me like I am a 5 year old who was left at home alone. She calls to “check in”and “make sure everything is O.K.”. Which usually results in her talking to me way too long (see: longer than 1.5 seconds) and give me dumbass information about NOTHING. She does it ALL THE TIME! Even IF I am not the only one in our group, here in this office, she calls. I’m like “BITCH! Don’t you think if shit was on fire or falling apart , that I’d call yo stupid ass???”

DAMN!!! I am potty trained ya know???? She just called since I am the only one in our group and left the following message:

“ Hi Robyn, I am on my way to the Flint office and I was just checking in to make sure everything was O.;K……I didn’t have any messages on my v.m., but I was just checking in…..”

What bitch, were ya checking to make sure I didn’t go home early???? WTF??? If that was the case, you could call your office spies to find out what I’m doing. But noooo…..you call me and have inane ass conversations in which I have to answer DUMB ASS questions:

“ So, are you LONELY back there all by yourself?”

“NOOOOOO….. I’m just fine”


And then she proceeds on her little dmbass tirade of dumb ass shit that she talks about. I’m sooo sick of her

And the quest for a new job continues…….

Well….. my husband is going to Washington , D.C. along with about 10 gazillion members of Alpha Phi Alpha, sooo it’s just me & the boy this weekend! Guess we’ll have some real Mommy/son time! I think we’ll go visiting and to the zoo….


Msnhim said...

LMAO... I think women wear sheer shit so that people can look at their ass!

chele said...

Your boss is a trip. Clearly just wanting to make sure that you haven't ducked out. Heffa.

Georgiapeach said...

You co-workers are a riot. You need a television series...lol.

I hope you have a nice weekend while hubby is away...lol. Don't be too sneaky, that means no strip clubs for you!...lol.

Tired of being broke said...

A boss like that would drive me nuts. I do not like annoying ass stupid questions.
Like back in college the professor would say there is not such thing as a stupid question. Duh!! Yes there is.

@ the little girl in the sheer skirt, the apple does not fall from the tree.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Sheeeeit! I'd forward my dayum phone to my cell and DIP!

I just love how people call like everything's gonna fall apart in their absence. I'd hate to bust anyone's bubble, but some of us get more done with them GONE! Sometimes the office just runs smoother without them there to further complicate things.

And apparently Momma must mistake SLIPS as strapless mini-dresses, or the child woulda had one on. Goofy broad.

Luke Cage said...

RE:Why do women wear skirts that are sheer as shit with nothing to camouflage your ENTIRE ass? Ummm.. what's wrong with this???? ;)

Robyn said...

@harpo: girrrrl! If I could I WOULD!!! My boss has NOOOOOOOOOO problem calling the main desk and ASKING someone to go as far as to lookin the BATHROOM if I am not here. Or if I did forward the phone, it's be JUST.MY.FUCKIN.LUCK that she would ask me to "go into my office and get" or "look in such-and-such's file and see if....."..... I would be looking for a job TOMORROW! for true!

@tired: I should change my screename to "Tired of working for this bitch" because she DOES drive me CRAZY!! LOL Hence, my ass will be looking for a job still.....

@georgia: I know that's right! And the show should be called "ya'll gon make me lose my mind......." HA!

@Chele: Heffa indeed!!

@MSN: I agree, but WHYYYYYY would you let your YOUNG daughter go out looking like that?? I can see if you have no self respect,but why do that to the baby girl???? Just trifling!!

Robyn said...

@Luke: .... i....uh..... Oh danggit Luke!! You KNOOOOOOOW what's wrong wit dat! LOL

TheGod said...

Peace Robyn Goddess!!!

10 year olds in stripper clothes..wow!! The momma of that child needs her ass whipped. I mean I understand that a child can only wear what she is provided with; being they lack resources to do for self.

Yet the sad thing is they get it ingrained in their little impressionable minds that it is ok to be hoeish and look like this.

Don't get me wrong hoe clothes is nice candy...but not on a child. Only seasoned adults with taste can actually pull of provocative wear.

As far as your boss calling you...can you say C-R-E-E-P-Y!

Peace Goddess!!!

TheGod said...

sorry for the typos in the previous response...my mind is funky right now.