Thursday, July 20, 2006


Did you guys know that it is HARD to find a job when you work in the city with the SECOND worst unemployment rate in the country?? I haven’t been as diligent as I should have, but I ALSO have put my resume out for some pretty good positions that were asking for JUST what I have in terms of qualifications! **sigh** But, being IN HR currently, I knooow the name of the game: Get somebody over qualified, pay them less. And I press on……

Interestingly enough, I saw my ex-boss who was a horrible tyrant and who I blasted in my exit interview with my HR boss before I left. Well, I saw him at a former mutual co-worker’s wedding last Saturday. Now, I have seen him before though it has been some time. He is in a fraternity and my ex, who was also in the same frat, took me to a frat function and my ex-boss was there. I saw his ass and IMMEDIATELY took note of WHEREVER he was in the room , so as to avoid even acknowledging him by mistake. Folks, he made my life a living hell. For real. To give you an example, he was one ot those types of bosses that made YOU justify (not just me, but even his GIRL who was a director there and he had a personal friendship outside of work with) why you should get a raise. I mean, and would ask dumbass questions that were retarded to have to answer. Like: “so, why should I give you a raise?” or (this is the one he asked me)“So…… how do you think your performance has been over the past year……(I give my answer)….. Uh huh…..o.k,, so do you think that you should get a raise, a decrease in salary or should your salary stay the same?”

WTF? What in the FUCK kinda dumbass question was that????? By the time I lef that place, I hated him and I think the feeling of disdain was mutual.

SO, we see each other at this function and we were , at one point, standing not MORE than 10 feet from each other and were BOTH totally ignoring each other. I didn’t speak, he didn’t speak. Fucking fine with me. Asshole. I saw him another time and I totally avoided his ass again. I need not speak to those who wish me no good will. I don’t even want you in my AIR space!

So, fast forward to my girls wedding this past weekend. The first thing I asked my other ex-co-worker (who I was going to the wedding with) was: Is ****** going to be here???????!!! She was like “I’m not sure…..since I don’t work there anymore, I have no idea either”.

So, I’m waiting and waiting, no show for the wedding. GREAT! YEA! We walk into the fucking reception and here he comes. SHIT!! Not only does he come, he and his wife sits RIGHT Behind us at another table! UGHHHHHHHHH!!! I dislike that man sooooooooo much that I was HOPING that he would be FAR across the room (it was a big reception) from my ass! No such luck. I didn’t want to speak, but eventually, he spoke to me, shook my hand and made small chit chat. Why, later after dinner, etc. did I get up to go make a call to come BACK and find him in MY SEAT talking to the people at my table???? I guess he was uncomfortable coming over there until I left since there was that bad blood between us. Punkass.

So, I sit down on the other side of him because I told him to stay and talk when he offered to get up and cut his convo. short with my girl. Nooooooooooo…. Don’t let it be MY fault that you didn’t get a chance to talk to her. Tallllllk…..go ahead. So, I sit down, he then turns to me. Telling me he heard I had a baby, and that I’d gotten married, and what am I doing now, and about his son and daughter who are at Morehouse and Spelman respectively and that he bets I (and I quote) “I bet you have a cute lil baby” , and how I should call him and he’ll take me out for lunch or drinks or what the fuck ever…….just a babbling! I did SOOOOOOOOO WELL (Please testify to this Zed) to even have sat there and STOMACHED this bullshit. See… thing about me…..when you do me WRONG and are an ASSHOLE,I WILL.HOLD.THAT.SHIT.FOR.FUCKING.EVER as a grudge and you will never get a chance to do it again. That is why when I leave THIS bitch, I DO NOT EVVVVVVVVVVA HAVE TO see this waynch (that would be wench) again! For real. Iw anted to tell him that it would be an ICE COLD, 900,000 degree below day in hell before I would call him to go to “lunch” or whatever. Puh-lease. See, after I left, he got this CRAZY hoe who knew NOTHING and was horrible! But you blamed me for being a first time HR manager and not knowing all the ins and outs, but this hoe was CRAZY, had family problems and was WORSE than me! Serves yo ass right.

So, I sat there listened and laughed internally, because my girl that I went to the wedding with, not 4 months after I left (almost 5 years ago) said that he said “ You know…..I was a lil hard on Robyn…..she really wasn’t that bad”

Karma’s a bitch ain’t she.


chele said...

I absolutely love love love those moments!

Robyn said...

GIRL!!! Me TOO !!!! HA!!!

TheGod said...

Peace Robyn Goddess!!!

Interesting post. Being that I don't know your entire story behind your boss and you; but the questions he asked about getting a raise is standard in every job.

I don't understand why you would rather hold on to a grudge than to serve his ass a cold plate off the top and let him know what you think and how you feel.

Holding all that negative energy in will destroy you and make you old before your time. Letting him know what you feel is justice served. That way when he sees you again..he will know the deal.

Karma is a bitch..cuz believe me I have my prices to pay.

Peace Robyn Goddess

Robyn said...

Peace God:
You know I REALLY believe and agree in what you said. I sat and ruminated on this and you are right. Holding onto the negative is simply foolish. Thank you for helping me to let it go. I probably won't see him anytime soon, but it's definitely not worth it to hold onto that...

Msnhim said...

I hate that I can hold on to a grudge until the end of time... I try not to but people piss me off!

Luke Cage said...

I used to hold on to grudges a long time, but it took alot out of me to do so. Some people are really good at being able to not consume so much energy doing so. Having said that, you were truly on point and rocked that whole scenario pretty perfect. I have to admit, I was surprised that you shook his hand, but that was definitely mysterious how things can turn out later down the line. Good post Robyn.

The Goddess said...

I can understand where you're coming from. I used to be a grudge holder back in the day until I realized it was a waste to allow someone else to have that much control over my good energy. I will however, if you piss me off, tell you EXACTLY how I feel about you whether you sign my paycheck or not; in the most dignified way of course. Smile. Why waste your energy on someone who is obviously so negative and even more so NOT WORTH it. It's nice to hear that you've let that go.

Knockout Zed said...

He actually said you weren't that bad after you left? I can't fuckin' believe that shit.

Me and your ex would be at frat meetings and we'd just glare at the muthafucka cuz we knew the hell he was putting you through.

I'm glad he sees now. Ol' African.


TRUTHZ said...

gurl, i just read what i have missed and i must say its funny cuz sometimes you read something and you be like omg, that's what i am feeling or going through..sorry about the lil one hurting himself. i feel the same way about his daycare which is actually a school. they do a lot of amazing things with the kids but also a lot of things i don't approve of like letting the kids eat and drink after them and each other...and just other stuff and he back talks too. and i am just ready for him to get some other skills cuz he can learn ghetto and have no class at any point in his i am trying to put him in an immersion school, but i am kinda scared because i have peeps here who look out for him and i won't have that at the other place... oh, i just remembered, I will have the best person looking out for him, i just got to get outta my comfort zone and do it before the new school year keep me uptodate about how the new school goes.and yeah, i go through the same thing with the pics...i wanna say did you put five on these pics...but that's just me.

Tired of being broke said...

Let that grudge go. Karma will bit him in the ass soon enough.