Wednesday, July 05, 2006

After the party....

Happy “after the 4th” everybody!!!

What’s happening? Well, I am chill-axin since I work for a contractor of the “Big 3”. I am off for part of the “shut-down” period. For those of you unfamiliar, the Big 3, Chrysler, GM and Ford have what is called a “shut-down” period twice a year, in July and at Christmas time. The one at Christmas time is usually about a week to a week and a half (all depending on what day Christmas falls on and we’ve been getting straight GANKED over the last couple years cause it’s been falling on f’ed up weekend days! So, no extra days for us!) Anyway, this is the time where the assembly, stamping and service parts plants are re-tooled a nd given an overhaul. Hence they need to TOTALLY shut down the plants to do so. Soooo……because the group I work for ONLY services GM & Delphi, we shut down WITH them. Now, the shut down in July is 2 weeks and it used to be (and this is fucked up) that you USE YOUR OWN vacation to pay yourself during those weeks, or just be unpaid.

Hold up. I can’t work and am MANDATED to be off BY YA’LL but I HAVE TO use up the ONLY vacation I get (because up until recently, my ass only GOT two weeks a year!). So, MY VACATION is really not MINE, because it is MANDATED that (if I wanna get paid…which I cannot afford NOT TO get paid for them two weeks just to take some vacay another time) I use up my ONLY vacation!!! That ain’t right. Maybe I am asking for too much, but what if I wanna go out of town with my family at SOME OTHER POINT in the year????? I am just short, huh?? (cause my stank ass boss DAMN SHO won’t let you use your “sick “ days for anything other than just that). So, I guess I am just short,…..there goes the trip to the Bahamas in September or in March or any other time not in conjunction with this shit.

OOOOOH. O.K. I am off my rant, because I am VERY happy that this year it is only mandated that I take off one week. So, I am off this week. Also, since so many people were going NEGATIVE in terms of vacation accrual, they began to give us personal days, so I hava actually had TO USE no VACATION (good thing cuz I ain’t got much! LOL)

So, I am chillin at home and am glad for it! I plan to get some estimates on basement refinishing while I am off and have my photography mentor give me some “tips” on my work

So, we put the baby big boy in a new daycare on last Thursday. Well, that was his “test day” and why did I get a call at about 2pm saying “Hi, Mrs. BabyMonkey’s mom, this is Ms. J from the daycare (the director) , and I just wanted to you know that Dylan was running and bumped his head on a bookshelf , so he has a little bump on his head…..we put ice on it, and he’s fine, but we just wanted you to know.

So, I’m thinking “Damn boy! You ain't been there 5 seconds and you got a boo-boo! “ So, I went to get him and he was fine. Sooo….the next day (Friday, June 30) was his last day at the old daycare. WHY did my husband go get him to find out that he was running and had “fallen on some concrete”. His face looked like a worse version of this:

He fell and scraped his cheek and hit his head AGAIN in the SAME.PLACE that he had hit it the day before!!!! OH JESUS!!!! So, his face was initially WAAAAY worse than this. His cheek was swollen ALL to hell and it was SO puffy that it slightly closed his eye up!! You KNOW I was mad as FUCK!

Yeah, Yeah, I knoooooooow that boys will be boys and all that shit, but see, that’s one of the reasons that I didn’t LIKE him being there ANYWAY! You got LITTLE kids playing on/near concrete!! They can BARELY walk, but they could potentially have an accident and fuck themselves up ROYALLY! Whatever. They loved on him while he was there but I had honestly been uncomfortable about their asses for a minute, but shook some of it off as me being an “overprotective” momma. NO MORE!

So, he starts to feel better, the sore starts to heal……..

And we go to Sam’s Club. This woman and her granddaughter and husband are there with a little dog and since my child LOOOOOVES dogs, he was all in, as we got into the car in the parking lot. So, the woman is like “oh, he’s too cute……oh sweetie, what happened, did you fall down?” So, I go on to tell her what happened and she asked in a very easy way “did you take him to the emergency room?”. Me and my husband answer in unison “no……” and she goes “ I would take him if I were you because that type of bruising……and I am saying this because I am a physician……. Might mean that he had a slight fracture

***Hold up*** did she say “FRACTURE”

“…of the ____ bone (the bone that is right below your eye)…...because I can see that it almost looks like a black eye…and if it is slight, you may not even know it and it could cause him to have minor vision problems in the future”.

Hold my mule…… I’m about to go KICK THE DOOR of the daycare IN and set fire to that bitch if my child has a fuckin fracture in his FACE!

Me and my husband thank them, scoop up our child and take him IMMEDIATELY to the ER. We had not taken him because we were thinking if it were fractured SURELY he’d be screaming and would not let us touch it, so we kept checking the area by poking an prodding his face to see what reaction we got. He never cried or even stopped us, so we were pretty O.K. that he had not broken his face, …..that is until we saw that lady!

So, to get to the point we went to the ER and the dr’s (plural) examined him and said that he was fine. They did NOT do an X-ray of his face because they said that they do not like to irradiate small children’s faces because of the potential damage to growing glandular areas in the head (pituitary, thalamus, hypothalamus, thyroid, etc). So, they did do a thorough exam on him.

See…..his wounds are healing after only 3 days……

but, I swear, I’m keeping this documentation because IF some dumb shit happens and they relate it back to an “old” injury, ya’ll won’t have to wait to hear it on the blog……you’ll see me on COPS.

Have a great day ya’ll


Knockout Zed said...

It might be time to whup some daycare ass.


chele said...

Dayum! You are not being over protective at all! You can't be too careful when it comes to the babies.

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

OMG...his face!! One he's SUPER CUTE! Two I'd DIE if MY monkey fell and scratched up HIS cutey patooty face! ((fanning myself in fear of fainting))

Girl boys are ruff! Littlest Little likes climbing over the back of my sofas. The other night he managed to climb into the TV opening of the armoir in my bedroom...he was straight chillin next to the tv!! *sigh*

It only gets worse!! HAHHAHAHA

The said...

He's a champ. Glad he's alright. Glad someone hipped ya'll to the ER too. These places get away with murder. Most do a good job, but your baby is your baby, and when some stuff goes down, you definitely need to be covered, because you can bet your ass...they are.

Luke Cage said...

Wow! You find out the best information in the most least likeliest of places. I'm glad that shorty was doing great and thank God, no facial damage. That's key. But uhh.. no more talk about you appearing on cops 'kay? -lol

Robyn said...

Hey Luke!, I don't WANT to appear on Cops, but YA KNOW..... that's "MY BAY-BEE" !!! As my girlfriend says :

I'll kill a brick,
Shoot a stick
Or Stab a raindrop

Over my child...... :-)