Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This is why white folks get on my nerves.

On Friday, as I was coming into our facility and getting off the bus, this guy trips coming off the bus. Well, here’s the extended scenario. Because the people who work in this building have to park about 2 ½ blocks away, there is a shuttle for us to ride to the building. It’s one of those short “airport/commuter” type of buses.

So, I’m about to get off the bus and directly in front of me is this guy, who, on the last step, catches his foot on an indentation in the step, twists his ankle, he grabs onto the handle, and while trying to get his footing almost falls all together. He didn't quite fall on his knees, but his foot twisted pretty badly. I instinctively (as he reached for the railing) extended my arm under his arm and helped to steady him with my arm which was already on the railing to help him get his balance. Because it was really almost like he tripped 3 times in the span of 3 seconds. He gets off, all pissed off, and I’m assuming, mostly embarrassed. He tells the bus driver (a black guy), while his eyebrows are knotted together something horrible, that "someone really should see about this……". So since me, him and maybe 3 other people were the last ones to get off the bus, everyone was asking him if he was alright.

So, he limps HEAVILY and says (tersely and irritatedly, almost as if to say "what a dumb-ass fucking question") to another passenger “NO, I am NOT alright”. I mean, he was limping SO BAD that he looked like he might need a wheelchair. We’re talking about a mid-40’s looking clean-cut, normal weight individual. Now the step did INDEED feel like the bottom could bust through at any moment and I too, have wondered about it on different occasions, cuz the bus has beenin circulation FOREVER, but never made an issue of it with anyone.

So, he starts to hobble and I (trying to be helpful) say "you should really report the issue with that step, to the front console people inside, because you are right, someone COULD really get hurt" (there is a console that you have to pass by upon entering the building). Now, we are walking and he’s not saying shit, but he’s looking like a mix between injured and pissed off to HIGH HELL! So, as we walk towards the console, some 150 feet away from where the incident occurred, he says to me (still in a bordering on rude mixed with injured tone…like it was my job or something to be standing there with his temporarily-crippled ass) “Wh- where, um...... do I go....up here?” as he points to the console.

I say, “yes…… they should be able to get word to people at the bus dispatch to check that bus…”. Now, I am just thinking to myself, yo assCOULD act like you are a little more grateful that someone is trying to help yo crippled, hobbling ass! Cause I was getting a little irritated at his #1, lack of conversation or even general commentary like: “yeah I know,…..that bus is dangerous” or “I really messed my foot up” or any other responses that are customary when someone (me) is talking to you. Instead he just kept walking to the console like I was SUPPOSED to be there or like he gave a shit less that I WAS trying to help his funky ass cuz all his other white-assed counterparts had long trotted on to their destinations. Jackass.

So, I am walking and as we get to the console, he is acting like he doesn’t know what the fuck to say and is just standing there for like 3 or so seconds, so I blurt out "This gentleman was on the bus that just pulled off and he twisted his foot, due to a deep indentation on the bottom of the bus….. maybe you guys could let the bus co. know or could call security at the parking garage to let them know …etc". This jackass is not saying a word. So, then an EMT (all security personnel in this building are EMT certified) starts asking him questions while another officer was commenting to me that he might have to go to medical and that 4 months ago, she thinks that it was that bus that a lady broke her foot on….blah,blah, blah…..

I think that it is funny that I was the ONLY one helping him and he SO did not acknowledge my concern. Well, actually I DO NOT think it was funny. I think it's par for the fucking course with white people in Michigan (especially). No one speaks, no one acknowledges each other. It's sad really. When I went to Atlanta (and maybe it's southern thing), but EVERYONE was speaking. At the bank. At the grocery store. In passing. People going down the street waving from their cars (and I'm SURE they had NO idea who I was. People were just friendlier.) So,maybe he was REALLY that hurt. Yeah fucking RIGHT…. His ass was WALKING (albeit with gingerly steps) but walking nonetheless…….

Well, in all the commotion, while I was talking to the other security woman, and the nother EMT was telling him where to go to medical, this jackass just walks away……

No thank you

No, fuck you very much


And I was the ONLY one sitting there TRYING to assist him. All of his OTHER fellow white people had long since left his ass like “oh well….his ass is walking so, he straight”

See…..this is what REALLY makes my disdain for white folks that much worse.



Knockout Zed said...

I had something happen to me in Chicago a few days ago:

I was at cheap ass Marshall's off Michigan to buy some cufflinks 'cuz I left mine in SA. I go to the cashier and this lady was in line at another cashier. The cashier says to the lady, "I'm closed". Since she was in line longer than I was in the other line, when she got in my line, I let her move in front of me. NOTHING. Not a "thank you, nigger", NOTHING. I just shook my head.

Another cashier yells out, "I can help anyone at customer service with 5 items or less." So I leave the line to go to customer service. This bitch SPRINTS, literally sprints out of the line and ran to get in line in front of me. Then she looks back at me like "What?"

When she was finished I said "I hope you get hit by a fuckin' cab." Even the cashier laughed.


Robyn said...

I couldn't BELIEVE that ass hole!! And I swear I am TRYING to NOT let it make me a bitch on wheels, but since I brought it up, I have become LESS likely to let a muthafucka in front of me on the road.....


Ass holes.

Did the woman hear you say that or just the cashier? LOL

Luke Cage said...

LMAO @ Knockout Zed! Daaamn, that was cold! Miss Robyn, you are a trip luv.. you must've been pissed off because a sista did not come up for air during that harangue on dude. You let him off though dear. You should'a let him have it when he walked away. What's funny is, I have a MAJOR issue with people not saying thank you myself. I don't mean like, I hold the door and they don't say thank you. Although that would be nice, I mean when I extend myself a little extra than the next person like you did to someone and they don't say shit. I can get really flippant. I may not say "I hope you get hit by a fuckin' cab" (yo, I'm still laffin' at that as I type this), but my sarcastic azz will leave them with something to think twice about the next time someone is courteous to their funky azz!

chele said...

I don't get it ... why are WE always the ones to go out of our way to be courteous? And some white folks just think they are so privileged that they can't even say "thank you".

Knockout Zed said...

No, the chick heard me. She was looking at me crazy after I said it.


Georgiapeach said...

That's why I have resorted to ignoring white folks. Something is seriously wrong with a lot of these white men! Seriously! He should have fallen..lol.
But your co-workers are funny..lol.

Georgiapeach said...

These white folks down here are so racists it's sickening. The thing is, they don't say nothing. They just keep within, but have your ass sharpening pencils and shit, girl it's stressing. A lot of these white people down here don't speak. They just think you are saying hello to them, to hear yourself talk. Girl, I have the same issues with the caucasions down here too. You open the door for them and they THINK they you are doing it, just because they deserve it. I just stopped saying yes ma'am and no sir to them, because they don't deserve it and sometimes they need to be put in there place..lol

JoJo D. said...

Girl, white folks think they own it! I hate when they little kids get hurt, its like: Oh, my baby got a booboo in his/her knee. Woo,woo,woo... blah, blah, blah.

Back in the Day when we fell and got hurt, Momma logged that shit down so at the end of the week, we can see who came up with biggest knot on they head for the week. No joke, sista.

Whitey sho' likes to act like a victim; and always be the first one talkin' 'bout suing somebody.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Catch me on a really f-ed up day, I might've found a way to "accidentally" trip over his injured ankle.

The Goddess said...

I am cracking up over here but it is really sad. I've been talking to The God about how hospitable people are here in GA in comparison to where I was living, so I know how you feel. That's the kind of stuff that would have made me want to kick him in his other leg, then he would have had to crawl his funky butt to the console by himself. That's alot of white folk for ya. UGH!

The said...

"Let your light so shine before men that they might see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" Matt 5:16

Your acts of kindness bring light into the world. The dark world may never appreciate light, but there are always individuals in darkness seeking it. You are a beacon. Keep shining. It may be that your light has imprinted on old boy's retina and will, the next time HE has the opportunity, will cast a reflection of what you have done.

Either way, let no one steal your joy, or kick dirt on the good that you do. You ARE making a difference. Find all of the thanks you need in that alone.

Robyn said...

G: Oh my God....your words brought tears to my eyes.
thank you. YOU have made a difference in what I think as well.

Msnhim said...

He was a Jerk but you did the right thing even if his ass didn't appreciate it.

The said...

You are wonderful and special. Never let anyone steal your joy. Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

2nd Chance said...

This had me laughing out loud...the commentary was great...nontheless - you did the right thing...even though the recipenant didn't have the proper home training...