Thursday, June 08, 2006

Free reign

It’s amazing that people who routinely talk badly (i.e. talking on the phone to someone and when referring to someone not present, berating them “Stupid ass” or “yeah HE’S a genius” or “She’s dumb as a bag of rocks”) and can routinely get the top scores on their performance review. Isn't that some shit that at most jobs would get you pulled into somebody's officed and counseled? At MIMIMUM??

If you all haven’t figured out yet, I am talking about this jackass at my job. I sit next to him and he routinely dogs people to other people or curses when speaking about how somebody "fucked something up again.......just brilliant!" or says really nasty shit about someone and it’s just accepted as “that’s how he is”. He came from a “plant” type of environment , and when I say plant I mean production plant. This in NO way justifies his behavior or verbiage, this is just for info. sake. So, you know men in particular, talk any ole kinda way at plants more often than NOT and it’s called “shop talk”. Well, more and more you are seeing that “shop talk” is being done away with because often times that talk has landed some company in litigation involving a sexual harassment claim by some woman who has been called some misogynistic or just plain nasty name . And these days (i.e. the days of sexual harassment and harassment in general) more and more people are not taking that crap.

So, why do I sit here and take listening to this muthafucka? The way he speaks bothers the shit outta me not because the words that he uses are offensive (cuz I ROUTINELY cuss like a sailor AT HOME ), but because he is so blatant and so terse with his wording. There is no tact. If we are to “work together as a team”, how can we do that when if someone fucks up on something (which let’s face it,……it happens) the person who has the answer or is sent to help fix it, constantly undermines their credibility to other co-workers and spreads stank ass sentiments throughout the organization like a cancer. So, the REASON I have to deal with this EVEN THOUGH I work IN HUMAN RESOURCES is because my boss is a bitch who thinks this lousy jackass rules the world and because he is in command of information that she does not possess. Therefore, she cant’ effectively manage him, because he KNOWS more in his area of expertise than she does,and losing his expertise (I’ll admit it) would be a very big loss.

But my thing is, if you can reprimand me about some inane ass bullshit, you can reprimand his ass. FUCK that! You talk about building company allegiance and staving off turnover, but you allow people like him to act any way he wants to! And we work in an environment where even a WHISPER can be heard in the cube next to you (I am not exaggerating). So, I KNOW MANY other people have heard him. I wonder do they feel like I do?

This , to me, just fuels white folks in their thinking that they can do whatever they wanna do. Perfect example: You ever player a gama of “chicken” with a white person at the mall or the grocery store or walking down the street (even if YOU are in a car)? Them muthafuckas will NOT MOVE! Why? Because they expect YOU to move! It’s common courtesy in most instances for BOTH people approaching each other to step aside a bit for the on-coming person. But white folks? They don’t. I have literally shoulder checked some white bitches because I refuse to move because they obviously have more room to move over than me and they just walk and talk like they don’t see nobody and don’t have a care in the world. It’s true. If you’ve never tried it, try it sometime….you’ll see……

Another factor is that I work for a woman, and it’s a proven fact that MOST times a woman WORKING for a woman is simply NOT good! Too many power struggles and too much for the top bitch to prove. Which makes me wonder if I had any subordinates that were woman, how would I be?.....hmmmmmm……. So, we have this bitch who WANTS to be submissive yet aggressive in the workplace and still wants to defer to a man who lets him do whatever he wants to do. Runnin’ free…..


The said...

Hang on mommy. At least we not in da fields no mo' bein' cussed at and beat down.

Stay up, stay strong (and here's one of my mottos) "Do what you gotta do until you can do what you want to do!"

You'll be runnin that b__ch one day!

Knockout Zed said...

This blog is fulla crackas and cracka sympathizers, trust me. They'll be commenting in droves.

You've spoke Nathan (Quintilly Bookman) but the truth!


chele said...

I see nothing has changed at the plantation. Working for another woman is always tough ... I've been on both sides and in most cases it's a lose-lose situation.

Luke Cage said...

Robyn, I know a good friend of mine who just went through a struggle of sorts with her TOP bitch. Its true. I see it happen quite often about that, and the cussy fool next door. Thank God for personal offices. (not bragging, just that I'm grateful I no longer have to go thru that)