Saturday, August 04, 2007

Where is your life going and who is going with you?

So, I have been sitting her contemplating while I am SICK AS HELL with a frickin SUMMER HEAD COLD (can you say MAD???)about things that shape our lives and this documentary called "the Secret" not to long ago.

The Secret was basically to me saying that you have what you ask for and want to get and attract into your life. It touches on the religious and things that many of us were told as youngsters "jsut ask Gord (the universe) for it and believe it, and it will be done", "thank the universe (God) for it and believe that it is already done".

It is interesting because one thing that was said was that we have EXACTLY what we have attracted, into our our lives. I find that perplexing and kinda believe it in the whole realm of "karma". In that vein, I want to know what i did to deserve some of the treatment I am getting right now? (good and bad) I sit and think, what did I do to deserve the treatment I am getting by people in my life (good and bad). Can I change it by simply believing that I want something different? Maybe I don't have enough faith, because it sometimes seems far fetched. I loose faith in things that I thought were steadfast more and more everyday, because it seems as if in the end, like my mama said, you can only count on YOU.

So, what does it profit you to care about people, have friends,etc. They will all dissapoint you in the end, right? Or is your dissapointment a reflection of you putting too many eggs in their basket? I have dichotomous feelings about it. After all, I do believe that you can never know the greatest love, friendship,etc. without taking the greatest risk. But apparently, everyone doesn't believe in the ideals that I do. Things that were here today can be gone tomorrow.

There are cards that have been dealt to me that I do not feel have been fair and it bothers me to no end. But I also know that "what you focus on, you find", so fuck it and all that came with it because if it means me no good, it is time for it to go. And in keeping with this "secret", and wanting my life to go to different places, I guess it was for the best. After all, everyhing happens for a reason or a season, and I guess this season is over.

I want to be happier and less stressed. Truly.... and in that desire, I feel the real secret of happiness lies.


Miss V said...

Good Post. I have the book and haven't finished reading it yet. It got kind of repetitive so I put it down for a minute. You asked a lot of good questions - ones I wish I had to the answer to as well. When you get an epiphany about it - be sure to blog it and share the knowledge :-)

Chubby Chocolate said...

Hello my fellow Black Jamiroquai fan.. Good post. The state of mind I'm in at the moment and reading this post makes me think I got some serious positive thinking to catch up on. The Secret is a bunch of religious beliefs wrapped into one.

Luke Cage said...

Heyyy Robyn! What's the good word luv? Geez. I blogged today about people giving excuses for their shortcomings instead of being responsible for their own actions. What in the world is that about?

This line really stuck with me in a awkward kind of way:
There are cards that have been dealt to me that I do not feel have been fair and it bothers me to no end. I've been pondering this very thing, but also been trying to find strength in the challenges these cards present. And I say, bring it on.

Be happier and become less stressed. They work hand in hand.