Thursday, April 27, 2006


I am sorry that it has been sooooo long readership, since I have posted anything. It truly seems that at night when I can post (bugaboo, muthafucka-looking-at-your-computer-screen-free) I am so dang on tired.

Allllllso, I am still trying to hone my photography/Photoshop skills at night after I am done with all of my other motherly duties and there is simply NO time to do it at work lately (except for now) hee hee. But seriously, I have always wanted to be a photographer and thought that it would simply not pay the bills. But now, I am tryin’ to be the next Herb Ritts ya’ll !!!

I have always been the one with a camera in hand at ANY event just WAITING to snap a pic! I also knew that before the digital age, I did NOT have the funds needed to mess up a whole Rite-Aid full of Kodak film, PLUS the developing costs just to learn. So it has always been on the back burner. Now that I have been able to buy a beginner’s pro camera (Nikon D50), I am rarin’ and set to go. Oh, but wait….there’s additional lenses that need to be bought, there’s additional flash units, lighting, backdrops not to mention Photoshop photo editing software and website software (yeah I want it all)...….and the list goes ON! Now, though my husband is supportive, he is ALSO NOT feeling the expensiveness of said camera equip. because the money is going OUT but it hasn’t come IN as of yet. So, I tread gingerly about what I have bought since I got this camera in November. Now, one thing I do NOT believe in at this point (because I am trying to become a professional) is skimping on the equipment. It’s kinda the “you get what you pay for “ theory. Now, I know that I can’t have a dayum $4,500 Nikon D2X, but I do need quality equipment. So, I’ve been a lil busy ya’ll ! But since it’s really just me trying to be happy with ME, and I have finally fond what I like,

have dreamed about this since I was a young girl, and now I am making it a reality ya’ll !! I am finally at the point where I am coming to terms with “who I am” and getting a better sense of “what I wanna do”. I have always been a person who never quite knew what they wanted to do. I have always been confused, hell, when I graduated from college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be and it just so happened that I feel in to HR because I was doing it at this temp job that I had AFTER I graduated from college AND had a dang degree! So, this is a good feeling to be able to understand my OWN wants and desires and be able to have the wherewithal and support to make it happen! I’m not quite at the point where I am totally happy with self, but I am working on it…slowly but surely.

But onto the meat of today’s post! There are certain truths that I have come to accept about life, my life and people in general. Allow me to detail them to ya

1. Everyone is CRAZY to SOME extent. You just have to find the person who can deal with YOUR kind of craziness. That person? Who are those people? Answer: soulmate/best friend

2. A person will fuck you before they fuck themselves. Never forget that.

3. For the MOST part white people and black people think VERY differently…..probably because most whites and blacks have VERY different experiences ofttimes due to the color of their skin.

4. Though you may experience pain and hurt, time will heal most wounds

5. I have a natural propensity towards being lazy….if left to my own devices I would NOT work, and would do what I WANT TO DO all day (but that’s most people,eh?)

6. I will never be a size 6

7. Common sense ain’t too common. I encounter people often who do some DUMB-ASS SHIT and I think, “you couldn’t have POSSIBLY thought that was a good idea!!!!!” (but I guess they did, cause they did it!LOL)

8. If I do NOT make a career change that supports my creativity and freedom, I will NOT BE ABLE to retire until I am very old. I believe that if I am doing something I like that has the potential to be lucrative, I can make it work, because it will not BE work to me.

9. A whole lotta folks walk around with WHITE on like it’s O.K. to do before the traditional Memorial Day and we're in Michigan where it's possible that OUR asses could still see a snowflake or two at any given time before the end of MAY!(no, not winter white either)

10. Most men, even the progressive, savvy ones, want some aspects of a “traditional” wife/mother as their mate.

11. Stress is underrated……it will drive you crazy.

12. Children really do keep you young…..and on your toes!

13. My TRUE friends are for life

14. Working for a living is EXTEREMLY overrated. There are sooooooooo many other things to explore in this wide world and sadly, I will NEVER have the kinda time (more than likely) to do it!



Msnhim said...

It must feel good that you have a chance to explore something you really want to do. Good for you

Serial_Dater said...

Isn't it great to have a hobby. You go photo gurl. ;o)

I'm thinking about getting into photography too. I wanna take nude flicks of women. All for the sake of my art though (lol).

SistaGirl said...

Kudos to you for pursuing your photography, us bloggers will get over the fact that we are being overlooked :-) just joking...

Anonymous said...

Since I was dogged out for not commenting...I'm gone comment...I think that you have a true talent and I support you 110% in your photography. Keep on getting better! And when I finally get me a man I want you to take some pics of us.

Knockout Zed said...

This is a whole lot of introspection. When do you have TIME to think?


chele said...

2. I know that's right.
4. Thank God for healing.
6. Being a size 6 is overrated.
10. I think most women secretly want to be a traditional wife/mother.

a.Marie said...

We need more sistas to break out.

Good luck, gurl.

Your son is a cutie.

noagenosexnocity said...

Was it Irony or coincidence that number 6 is "I will never be a size 6?"

All I can say is that the limit is your imagination. Those cliche's like "if you can believe it, you can achieve it" or "never say never" or "the power of positive thinking" are all true!

Do not limit yourself with words that you speak from your mouth, or in this case, write from your keyboard. You really can be anything you want to be.

That is all.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

yeah...stress will make your face break'll gain weight....stress is a disease....

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Just wanted to let you know that ThatGirlTam has passed away. She has risen as The Phoenix and has moved on to another accordingly!

TheGod said...

Peace Goddess!

First allow to me to say I appreciate you coming by my slice of heaven on the net and leaving your mark.

Photography huh? Great!!! As a creative individual myself I can tell you too...never skimp on quality equipment. I am not a photographer but I am an illustrator/Animator. I had to buy all of my equipment out of pocket.

I spent bookoo bucks...flash 8 $650.00, Sony Computer $2, 900.00, Bose audio system $300.00, Wacom Tablet $$300.00,
Trademark search and $1,500.00 and the list goes on and on. I say this because in the field of photography you are going to have to spend money to be legit. You can be a bootleg photographer but as a legit business it will fuck you in the end.

If photography is your passion and it makes you feel that shit. But see what people don't tell you is..just because you are creative doesn' t mean you will make money. You either have to have an agent or be business savvy or be a voluntary slave and work up under someone doing it.

It is a long journey..but a worthwhile one if you are true to your passion.

Peace Goddess!

Mr.Slish said...

You know what they say. Make your hobby your fulltime job. Thats seems to be the way to go. My buddy has been trying to get me to write screenplays. I finally did one. We shot the short film 3 weeks ago. The finished product was pretty damn good... Thinking about a career change...

TRUTHZ said...

well, i have read all that i have missed and i must say, boy, i thought i had a lot to say. LOL...i love your list...i've been making one too... i will never have size 6 feet...which mean if i don't get one of the two pairs that come in my size, i wont' be getting those shoes.

your son has really grown he is so beautiful and already potty training himself...that is great, stay with it.. i am so happy my child is potty trained...except for during the night...i forget to wake him...

and B.W. girl i watched it once and couldn't stomach it ever know the episode where the black boy let the white kids say nigger...that show made me sick
i wanted to go fight somebody...maybe ice cube..

lmbo at your boss not wting to be the queen b...tell her u call a spade a spade and if she the b, then it is what it is.

and i am feeling you abt the dream one is now 6500..i will get it one day...

so how do you read all of those blogs listen on the side??? gurl i have a time just posting let alone reading