Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I tolerate things.......

O.K., since I was tagged by Zed, I figure, I will go on & do this dang thang So here goes:

Things I have not changed because I have tolerated

*I like porn….it’s not very ladylike, but it is what it is….. I used to hide it, but, eh…FUCK IT (hee hee, no pun intended)

*I like to shop…..for something…..every.weekend. It's part of what me & my husband fight about most. But it’s my release. It is what it is.

*The fact that I don’t like to listen to my disco with “non-appreciators” of the genre and it’s versatility.

*My severe hatred for cleaning the bathroom

*The fact that I can often be lazy if left to my own devices
*That I am a horrrrrible procrastinator. I like this quote:


*That I don’t like authority….and probably never will

*That I have horrrrrible road-rage. No, I mean, like if there is a person who hesitates for 2-3 seconds at a light, I am in my car calling them all kinds of “dumb-asses” and “slow mu-fucka’s”. I think I MUST believe that I own the road or sumthin’

*My increased %age of body fat ** grrrrr**. I need to work out.

Sooooo..... since I've been tagged, I shant do the same to other folks. Oh wait....unless you're the first THREE to comment. If that's you, consider yourself tagged!!!

Be e-z,


Gunner Kaufman said...

Cause i'm damn good at it!!!!!

nikki said...

you're still gorgeous, no matter what amount of body fat you've got on you, sista!

i procrastinate, too. i'm surprised i'm not homeless. my bills always get pushed back, even when i have the money!

Knockout Zed said...

Porn! Disgusting! Yet, intriguing.


chele said...

You are probably the first woman that has ever admitted that they enjoy porn ... but I'm sure there are many that do **turning red and putting my head down**

Thanks for stopping by!