Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well, me & my husband went out for the first "real" Halloween with my son. The reason I say first "real" Halloween is because he was not quite "understanding" the fun of it all last year.

So, up until the LAST 2 hours before I went to pick him up from school, I was having the "what the hell are we gonna do with him and where are we gonna take him" conversation with his Dad! We live in a suburb, and it is a predominantly black middle-class suburb righ outside of Detroit. But the thing is, these nig-ro's don;t trick or treat much around here! wtf???? I guess technically I am no better because there was NO ONE at my crib handing out candy either!

We ended up calling our friends who used to be neighbors that lived directly across the street from us and went to therir "new", more upscale neighborhood. Well, they have an 18 month old girl, so they were going trick or treating too, so we decided to tag along! It was Batman and the Ballerina! lol !

The ballerina and Batman!

Can I tell you that there were soooooo many houses to trick or treat from in their subdivision that we got tired and eventually called it a night??? That and it started to rain a little bit and though I had come prepared ( I CANNOT be caught in the rain....not with this short-ass hair cut that I CANNOT re-curl my dayum self!)we were done and my little one told me "O.K. Mommy I am ready to go back and have some pizza! I am like why is it that the black ass neighborhood (which is a nice area too) that I live in not involved in the trick or treating??????

But check it.... whyyyyy did this child want to stop and look at what he got after EVERY person handed him he was a dayum inspector! THEN!!! (oh lawd) we went to this one guy's house (it was actually the last house we went to) and he was giving out small bags of pretzels. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY did my son say "I don't WANT any pretzels" and went to place them BACK in the basket!!! I wanted to faint. I grabed them before he did and was trying to say "we will take them and eat them later" (because he had JUST eaten some earlier that day when I piked him up from school!!! WTF??????LOL). Don't you know this boy went and tried to take them AGAIN and put them back!!!! I snatched him off that porch and pinched the SHIT outta him as our friends daughter and other kids distracted the scene I was having in the dimly lit foliage away from this man's door! I said "you don't EVER act ungrateful when someone giveds you something!They do not OWE you ANYTHING!!! You WILL take it and you WILL say thank you (which he is very god at anyway) and you will NOT ask for anything else!"

On The Hunt for Candy in October!!!

I was so mad I coulda spanked him right there! I know he's only 3 and (almost)1/2, but still! I was outdone! So.... that was our evening! We went back and ate pizza and of COURSE he went to bed LATE as crap, so I wil be letting him sleep late :-)

Tired Mommy and WIRED Batman!!


The Goddess said...

Ok, your Hubby SO should have dressed up as Robin. That would have been TOO cute. I love the last picture of the two of you. It's adorable. Sounds like you guys had a good time.

Luke Cage said...

Alllriiiight! All Halloweened out for the little guy. Way to go miss Robyn. Looks like a great time was had by all…

The God said...

"I don't want any pretzels". Man kids are so fresh and honest.

Disco said...

@ The God: HEEEY Stranger!! Where ya been? And yes, they ARE so fresh and so clean and come a little TOO clean when it comes to telling the REAL DEAL!!!

@Luke: Hey honey! Yes we had a blast!!! I couldn't believe Batman was tired so soon!! LOL

@ The Goddess:It was funny but when we went to our friends house our friend's father said "Hey Batman, Where's Robin?", And since my NAME is Robyn, I was like "uh,right here.... that would be ME" LOL

The Goddess said...

LMAO! Dang, how did I NOT think of that. That is so funny.

Miss V said...

Awwww...Batman and Robyn! Super cute :-) Your baby is so sweet and I'm glad you had a great time.

1969 said...

I am late but they are ADORABLE!!!!