Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Time is make a change.

Where I wanna be…..

There’s something in me that is real that wants to make a difference, and then…..there is something in me that says “fuck it, live for yourself”. But one thing that I have learned about myself (as is true with most humans) I get the most satisfaction from feeling of service.

In the year 2007 there are some things that I want to do.

1. Feel better in my core about the contribution I , personally, am making to the world.
2. lower my blood pressure (because I get so worked up over shit )and take on the old adage “change the things you can and don’t worry about the things you can’t” or something like that.
3. Get back to who “I” am…..and start making my life the best it can be.
4. Really change my eating habits and lose some weight
5. Try not to let other people’s realities control me
6. Be a better mother & wife
7. Control anger and anxiety
8. Save more and desire less

These aren’t necessarily “resolutions” to me they are ongoing goals.

I truly like giving back to people whether it be through my photography (giving people a product that they love), or simply helping someone understand how to do something. So, in looking for another job, I have been trying to put myself in that mind frame in terms of finding a job. I didn’t want to take necessarily the first job that came about. Though I knew the constraints on that. Meaning, I was running out of money. When the money runs out, changes in my lifestyle have to be made. Therefore decisions must be made.

I do not have an official job yet, but there is one in the wings, and the money is still running out…….


Knockout Zed said...

1,3,4,5,8. Now that's what's up!


Honey-Libra said...

Sending prayers cause it's all gonna come together :)

Xquizzyt1 said...

Girl don't get me on here testifying this afternoon. Keep yourself prayed up, because God has a plan mama!!! It's gonna work out!!! Happy new year!!! *hugs and waves!!!* we haven't "talked" in a while. Here's to getting back on track!!! I feel your WHOLE goal-list girl. =) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

thegod said...

Yo...I know what's up with that. I feel ya hun. When that money runs may start jumping to a new tune.

Resolutions are blah. I am looking at your ongoing goals and I think they may be just a little to general or vague. I am only saying this..because clarity is what gets you there. I want to see you achieve them.

I guess the photography thing is going to be a side project. Well when you are ready...I am here to help you however I can.


Robyn said...

God: Peace God! Hey! Ya know what? I didn't forget to add photography to the list, I intentionally didn't put it on :-) I graciously accept your offer to hook my stuff up! :-) Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!! You are a "Godsend" (no pun intended!LOL). As far as ideas for a site..... hit me up on my e-mail so I can run some stuff by you and see what'cha think ! lata!

Being Mama Daily said...

You noted anxiety and things related to anxiety at least twice. In the latter half of 2006 I began to meditate and do Yoga. It changed my life. I recommend it highly to every person who has to deal with this thing called life.

There are three books I also highly recommend to jump start your new journey:

Buddhism for Mothers
by Sarah Napthali
(you do not have to be Buddhist for this book to speak to you.)

The Relaxation Response
By Herbert Benson

Simplify Your Life
By Elaine St. James

and of course, if you are up for some sage wisdom or just a bit of communion on the subject with mama's who may feel the same way, re-post this at BMD. we would love to hear from you.


Happy New Year!